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June 2020
Excecise Because You Love Your Body, not Because You Hate It.
Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it. We as plus-sized women often identify a part of our bodies that we “hate” and decide to change it. But “hate” never leads to anything good. We should love our bodies enough to make whatever changes we deem necessary for satisfaction. Loving our bodies... / READ MORE /
Cultured Curves for plus size bras up to 58N and 48 P
This post is especially for you amply endowed ladies who just want beautiful plus-size bras that fit your blessings. Listed below is an array of retailers that carry sizes such as 58K, 52N, and 48P! From lace to soft cup to underwire, there is a little pretty something for everyone! To correctly find your bra... / READ MORE /