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August 2021
Cultured Curves Plus Size Color Wheel Matching
  Who doesn’t remember their favorite box of crayons as a child? The seemingly endless array of colors; a true rainbow in a box. Thankfully, we can also experience that same joy as grown-ups, in our wardrobe, and we already have the fundamental knowledge of color thanks to that simple box of crayons!  In this... / READ MORE /
Halloweencostumes.com It’s that time again. Halloween is coming and we have insight into one of the best sites that cater to women’s plus size costumes bodies. Think HalloweenCostumes.com for a huge assortment of the best plus-size costumes for Halloween. From movie and cartoon characters to nostalgic figures, there is something for everyone. Our recommendations for... / READ MORE /
SHEIN Plus Size Leopard Crop Kimono Top
If you’re anything like me, steamy summer days mean facing the impossible choice of either staying cool by wearing sleeveless tanks or camisoles or sweltering the day away by covering your arms. As we mature, gravity inevitably takes a toll and certain areas on our bodies begin to sag, especially if we are plus size... / READ MORE /
Esther Williams Plus Size Black and White Polka Dot Bikin
Esther Williams Black Polka Dot BBW Bikini Bathing suit season. Did your heart just drop into your stomach? Can you feel your blood pressure skyrocketing? Those 3 little words can invoke more fear and anxiety than almost any others in the English language, especially in a mature, plus-size woman. But they don’t have to! Bathing... / READ MORE /